The Next Facebook? – CryptoCurrency Social Platform – HowDoo Crypto ICO Review

Is this the next facebook? CryptoCurrency social platform HowDoo! Crypto ICO review!
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32 Thoughts to “The Next Facebook? – CryptoCurrency Social Platform – HowDoo Crypto ICO Review

  1. Great review! – they have a giveaway on just now too draw in 14 days! –

  2. Hi Crypto Coin News – you list my name in the Howdoo video (Neil Harper) as Head of Marketing. I would like to make it very clear that I am no longer involved with Howdoo, and do not under any circumstances wish to be associated with this project. Can you please let this be known ASAP. Thanks.

  3. Just need more PundiX
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  4. New office 😀


  5. So many cryptos trying to be the next Facebook.


  6. Promising project

  7. Awesome review, can't wait to see it in action. LTC LQ4WDT3T2HuLJdUEFMWKmCP3mqowoVv48U

  8. Good review! Though space, a lot of competition for these social media projects…


  9. Start making bitcoins with FirstMillionRoad

  10. social media is a waste of time.


  11. Sounds very interessting!! Thanks for your daily updates anf your deepdive

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  12. Pick me sensei
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  13. Dislike because of social media. thx for content

  14. In a down market where you are seriously down the last thing on your mind is an ico .M9Sy9Aft9K944YFJyrDjxGdh2XNQEoxsfy

  15. Have yet to see a promising platform, let’s see how this one goes.

    LTC: MA8LY4w3om5BCwJzG2Goyzcn4XmhdqgwLB

  16. Have been following this project for a while, I wouldn't be surprised if this platform is pivotal in highlighting Blockchain and getting mass adoption. Damn good project and I WILL be involved with it.


  17. Dilly Dilly!

  18. i don´t have a fb account and i will never have one. still a lot of money can be made for investing in the next fb. still not sure if exists right now. thx for the review

  19. I bet this will be like Facebook . Looking father into in. Thanks

  20. Every video u make helps me make better day trades…



  21. anonther social media blockchain…


  22. Sounds interesting more research required , wonder if winklevoss twins invested…

  23. The best alternative to facebook out there is Openbook :

  24. Interesting Concept, I cant wait to see where Howdoo goes in the future.

    LTC: LRHtEV3sZ4gYKKggeXL6d5ppM69hgzP7zy

  25. Did Zach forget to give away some LTC at the end????

  26. Great video as always! ltc1q5g4ws7uymur00pxjfh8wlfl40wxjzjnvk27yjs

  27. Great video Zach


  28. Keep ‘me coming!

  29. Interesting project. Thanks for the info!!!


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