NEXT BIG CRYPTOCURRENCY!! – Next Crypto to 10X?! – MoneyToken CryptoCurrency

This is the next big cryptocurrency in our opinion! This could see more than 10x this year! Money Token Crypto Review!
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41 Thoughts to “NEXT BIG CRYPTOCURRENCY!! – Next Crypto to 10X?! – MoneyToken CryptoCurrency

  1. Good idea but it’s not alone in the space!.? Is it not a saturated market?

  2. C W

    I bought moneytoken coins through Primablock link above and have not recevied my tokens yet. Is anyone else having this problem.

  3. USA was allowed. I invested and even asked before I did and was told USA was welcome

  4. FirstMillionRoad always provide me right time signal to buy or sell

  5. Did anyone get the Money Tokens from Primablock?

  6. hopefully by end of this year December time every coin will go up by 10 20 % bitcoin the daddy of all the coin price needs to go up fast then the children's will follow MLCFg1f8ZsuGQ6roboYHojnoY2Vka1u5FH

  7. Tried this morning and was already done. Super bummed.

  8. this can only be useful if the market is up when the market is down the u will be fd with loan and ur coins

  9. This video is actually on coinmarketcap now!

  10. Why not discuss and compare LEND and NEXO along side MoneyToken, they are similar lending projects ? Whats the difference apart from Amanda that other two can also incorporate.?

  11. Total supply of IMT is over 20 Billion token, in as much as i don't care to know about calculating supply.
    However, expect Big DUMP and we shall buy at $0.0002 = 1 IMT.
    Save your money and buy when it Hit public market to avoid regret.

  12. This looks solid, good resume's, life changing if not world changing ideas. Something like this means someone like me being able to put teeth in my head AND being able to pay it back readily.- shit like that is important. I hope they keep it human. Ohter than that, one writer to another, nice piece. Instant follow.

  13. Realy like that pne, could be the next one ill invest in
    LTC: MUD9tPqogijAtQCfHkbmEXoCTULg6D6EQp

  14. Definitely seems worthwhile to invest in, but 0.2 pct interest per day I sure wouldn’t want to take a loan out! ltc1qyysej5ekl5af57smedskxg9t8p4ydwa0vw3f82

  15. What happened to being so bullish on NEO when it was $110 a couple months back? It’s half that now. Would NEO still not be a great buy/investment??

  16. G


    great show enjoyed your take on low cap coins

  17. Talk chainlink !! Going to the moon!! congrats on mining pool
    LTC: LVRbDfXpXkpu1zABw6UyQ7XbD7NoaGePjz

  18. Verry interesting!

  19. This market is killing me….

  20. Let's go ripple


  21. I'm from Dallas, TX and invested in Money Token w/o the aid of any pool. WTF? Are you lying to your viewers?

  22. Would like to joy the pool.


  23. Thanks for sharing


  24. How does this differ from BABB altogether?


  25. Nice !

  26. I don't understand how this pool works but I want some

  27. Win Win Win
    Hi Zach and Friends,
    good ico! Thanks for the LTC!
    Greetings from Holland
    LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D

  28. ICO's arent really for me at the mo as im only a small time investor.. still its all good id rsther be informed and knowledgeable within the cryptocurrency scene then not. So thanks again CCN keep up the good work chaps

    LTC:- Ldasu1ACKeN7gh6mR4u6NZ1uM2Xi5QAiBL

  29. Looks gud n the way they want to perform looks gud to put Hand n grab some..
    Ltc: LNxTk9yYxQARcksZeyA3Y5e55CdR4u2gn7

  30. LfGoutJ1n1f797Aos3VNpKB3zTVjMnNDsk

    So many ico’s……

  31. Thanks for stepping up Max and helping make this happen! Much appreciated

  32. What a loser! Sounds to me your getting paid behind close doors to promote garbage! Noobs don’t listen to this idiot you will lose your money fast! One of the rules in crypto is never buy with loans or credit only use what you can afford to lose! Think about it??

  33. thx for info!
    LTC: LNEXTVnjkNxSa2gpdkq6HWDfQ8WKAxtDxE

  34. Thanks for the info man ! Good project 🙂


  35. What do you think of Augur? Always Buy red and sell green . MQB9zo4GNPowzho9sgSGnrqhjMg5J6hCHp

  36. Hey hey hey Thank you for all updates !


  37. Good updates , keep it up the quality work ! ltc : MX56W8UeUhaaWvL3tuqXdoPce82H4mwGBj

  38. Great upload ! The project looks good

    LTC wallet: MQ1bCxh7qyUfQqufp9MxdMX5LEBDKc2Ma3

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