New Crypto Platform – Next CryptoCurrency Platform – OZEX ICO Review

A new crypto platform is born! This cryptocurrency platform claims big things! OZEX ICO review!
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23 Thoughts to “New Crypto Platform – Next CryptoCurrency Platform – OZEX ICO Review

  1. Welcome


  2. Interesting project! Ever heard of fr8network, Mandala, and Murifield IP?

  3. Patience is the key to success in crypto business!!!

  4. LP3muAop5pikHp41MJU8VNAJoM3zqxayxS
    Thanks keep doing what you do you guys are great learning alot with you guys. The ico is ok I will have to look into it more

  5. Great video


  6. Thank you for the info. Its so hard to do research on all of em. Videos like these help a lot. LgB4nW2qmEvpiNAogHWRuZnNJk9xG7TWgw

  7. OZEX to the moon.

  8. Great show 0xc02B020841e4762357050838Af4182EdC646FFe3

  9. ICOs are a gamble these days. Te market is suppressing new projects too. Put your, crypto, fingers, to the moon! LiteCoin LNuUKU4EFnFEsZj2DoHDvLpKs5vrsuuKk5

  10. Put your, crypto, fingers, to the moon! Thanks for the review. Ozex looks interesting.
    LiteCoin LNuUKU4EFnFEsZj2DoHDvLpKs5vrsuuKk5

  11. Not one i will participate in (:
    LTC: MUD9tPqogijAtQCfHkbmEXoCTULg6D6EQp

  12. Awesome bump on the lite coin giveaway!

    There's just too many ICOs out there already… I'm not confident that OZEX can achieve what it aims to do..


  13. Great review.


  14. It seems a pretty good project but ICOs spook the shat out of me.

  15. Nice, will have to research more Lb5BwtvzYnYBcQy2z6EUhoh1N1eaCCxHPu

  16. I like this but..,….so many ICOs that have got very high scores on ICONENCH etcare 20x down within a month of exchange listing. Also I find it ironic that a technology designed to cut out the middleman has so many middlemen "platforms.". We shall see


  17. Good stuff, man!

  18. LWWUu9wragbsChxp7AoVsjiQSXvBDJVHrz

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Love your show Zack! Keep up the good work Max!

  19. I have never won anything on your channel 😌 LRkLKkg1ji9fP53pX2dfsNY8t75tAz6T7X

  20. Ozex is very interesting. GOOD INFO ON THESE DEEP DIVES.

  21. You need to do a review on Mandala Exchange (MDX) Obviously, won't be doing this one as a US Citizen. LdjeGhxdVAz4semZV1XDgnWNY4Qd6i4TiJ

  22. Love your videos ! LTXWytuG7ao8kbJfJMRBxQkGCDHWXip93M

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