IS TETHER DYING? // Tether CryptoCurrency // Tether Delist Rumors and News

Is Tether dying? Are the rumors true that Tether CryptoCurrency is a scam and being delisted? Let’s go over the news!
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25 Thoughts to “IS TETHER DYING? // Tether CryptoCurrency // Tether Delist Rumors and News

  1. nice clickbate, anyway going over rumors about tether is spreading the rumors, good job

  2. Top 4 largest USDT dying? Not sure lol

  3. STOP TALKING ABOUT TEHTER BRO. i've never thought u'll hype on that

  4. absolutely no. with it's capitalization and trading volume tether is doing better than ever. very solid asset

  5. Can anyone please explain me how Tether can be dying? This stablecoin has huge capitalization as well as audits confirm it's financial position as safe. Tether is the only solid stablecoin on the market, so far

  6. Hi can u give an update on vibe coin

  7. What happened to 2 to 3 videos daily?

  8. Any videos under 10 minutes are useless. 20 minutes-1 hour perfect

  9. Go back to streaming, nobody wants to see your face all the time..I’ve been listening to you for over a year and you’ve strayed away from the path man…just keep it real and stop trying all of this new stuff trying to expand your channel, it’s not working…

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  11. This is my first time watching in 3 months and there is a clear difference in the facial hair.

  12. Anyone else notice digitex futures is .011 not 0.015

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  14. Hej! Why did you stop using coinpaprika? 😀

  15. Another good video keep them coming! LTC: LPbGFysLGNzLpfzTanQJujx6v2Y86YSRCi

  16. Zack, you need a haircut boy !
    Good job again by the way. 👍

  17. Good to have you back! Can't wait for the content!! cmon market lets start this bull run!


  18. APOLLO REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Welcome home, brother. The beard is really starting to take shape!

  20. This is proof that once institutional money comes into Bitcoin, all the cryptocurrencies will moon …
    This Tether FUD was to test that theory. Institutional investors are testing the waters.

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