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Earn easy money trading cryptocurrency! Crypto trading made easy with Dropil! DROP ICO Review!
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44 Thoughts to “Earn Easy Money in Crypto! – CryptoCurrency Trading Made Easy! – Dropil DROP Crypto

  1. is this available for US citizens?

  2. I invested into DROPIl after the ICO review that you guys did and thought it would be a great idea. After following DROPIL and watching them closely, I noticed that they introduced 'Arthur', which seems to be a test dummy to 'DEX". After clicking on Arthur and seeing what the bot idea had in mind, it seems like they are purchasing certain Cryptos from one exchange and taking advantage of the difference of cost from exchange to exchange. What do you guys think of this? On one hand it seems like it could be a steady way to get consistant gains but that also contradicts the option to choose the differnet types of investment that they offer. Thought? Still 100% behind this just wanted some input.

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  4. very nice, thanks for video LQSu7dcv1bA6K9CVZerARrQsyoEjjyV9SQ

  5. Seems like a great project. Joined their telegram app where you can ask any questions you have to the team. So far so good. Im in.

  6. I like the sound of this and the website looks great, whitepaper reads well, but, I'm doubtful about the experience of the team behind it. Two developers, one with less than two years experience, and a database administrator with what looks like less than one years experience. They all look like they were part of paysafe group, along with the marketing manager as well. It sounds like paysafe group could be the source of the financial experience needed for this, but it's a very long way to go in what seems like a very short space of time. Fair play dropil if they are what they say they are. I need more convincing, It just looks too good to be true.

  7. @Crypto Coin News
    This is exciting.
    But how do we know that dropil will stick to their roadmap and not run away with all the money after ICO ends?

  8. Nice informations… Keep doin this work

    Greetings from Germany

    BTC: 1Ba9u7py8o55pkFuBXne5e8DwmcamTAEHK

  9. really diffuclt to listen this reading from the script, sorry

  10. love this chanel !!

  11. no 1000 free drops for signing up. Not impressed on the website it shows that there is a free 1000 sign up and makes no mention of it being expired. Once you make an account it says … That is expired, thus sucking in a new account. This is deceptive and from the get go these guys are not to be trusted. Maybe after I make my first deposit the next offer has expired….. Sounds like ummm… BitConnect???

  12. Seeing a list of the founders, provided they are legit, makes a big difference. I'll keep an open mind and investigate further.

  13. Paid review? I stopped it right there..

  14. NON Biased perfect review unlike other channels that get so emotional and personal. THIS is strictly news everyone. Thanks Max

  15. Love everything you guys do! Keeping me on top of the daily crypto headlines, helping me stay informed. Keep up the good work!


  16. Sounds great!


  17. HODL boyz 14pBnNehFPsKc4qub8h7xed3cNg5g6da1P

  18. will token price increase with time in ICO or will it remain the same till the end? sorry if i missed it 😀 nice review thnx


  19. This is a good one, Ive seen this one 2 weeks ago and read good things about it, You just confirmed it for me so im getting in on this …

  20. Great review !!!


    go xrp

  22. love the info new to crypto keep it up 1CJ58fjzi9JrJkKTsvCx3nghBY2u8RH15p

  23. I prefer to think that i'm a better investor than some bots…

  24. Keep it real

  25. you're the man 15AbGz1ujzZGynFMxNwk9ybtQcWMpeoY3S

  26. Currently no links work to the dropil site including the one you posted…eeesh….

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  29. The day of the BOT is here. From sneaker drops to Stash and Acorn type companies investing for you. If they get this right even halfway right this is a solid business in the crypto space.

  30. he he heyyyy bitconneeeeeeeeeeect!
    The next one, let's see how long it will last 🙂

  31. Thanks buddy for updates. Good luck.

  32. its good to know a little more

  33. it sounds like your reading it off a bit of paper….not written by you

  34. these videos suck. need more Zach!

  35. Good news coming soon in the middle East, stay tuned.



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  37. BTC

  38. Nice review, ill think about it

  39. The sign up bonus has now ended, but the first deposit bonus is still in place – any user that makes at least 1 deposit will receive 1,000 DROPs as a bonus. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! making account wont give u free money……i just make an account for the free 1000 drop´s and surprize….

  40. thanks for the review!

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